What Is Physiotherapy and Why to Go to A Physiotherapist?

Physiotherapy is the treatment of any injury or disease to regain movement via physical techniques. Physiotherapists are doctors who help a person move again or help the patient to regain movement in some area of their body (as patients with stroke)

Doctors also recommend physical exercises, then who physiotherapists are?

Doctors usually suggest a patient do exercise or sometimes they even propose some specific exercises, but they do this as an accessory to the ongoing medication or medical procedure of the patient.

For example, if a person suffers from some knee injury, he/she will visit the doctor first to treat the wound or fracture and then after referral from their doctor they will go to the physiotherapist to recover from any mobility issues.

This means that doctors do their jobs and physiotherapists do their own. Their jobs are not interchangeable. But their jobs are inter-dependent. You can’t recover fully from some injury until and unless you consult to a proper doctor for the healing of that injury and then consult to a physiotherapist to solve any issues with movement.

Why physiotherapy?

• Rehabilitation

If you suffered from a complex fracture, you might need to stay on bed for three months or more. As during this period, you were on complete bed rest your doctor will refer you to take rehab sessions with a physiotherapist. Because your muscles might have gotten taut during this time and to get back with normal life you need to attend sessions of physio.

• Management of pain If you have any joint pains or difficulties with movement, you might look for a professional treatment of Physiotherapy Birmingham. They will give you treatments for pain management. All of us might have to consult a physiotherapist at least once in our life. So, it’s better to keep your facts straight about physiotherapy Birmingham!